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Cricket World Cup 2015 Tickets Booking Procedure

Cricket World Cup is a gigantic event and there is lot of fun and excitement attached with this event that is incomparable. Obtaining tickets for The Cricket World Cup 2015 is a big stress and one needs to think about several ways to get them. Some procedures that can be followed to gain tickets for World Cup 2015 are as under-

  • A number of online websites offer ticket bookings with no service charge and as such one can browse these websites to look for and also compare the ticket prices for Cricket World Cup 2015 depending on the place where you would like to sit.

  • Among other procedures that are offline there is a simple way of reaching and buying the tickets and as such the ticket booking for Cricket World Cup 2015 from a retail opening that are legally offered by banks.

  • There is another offline procedure where tickets can be sold in black market but the visitors are advised not to buy tickets from there. Since this is an illegal procedure, one can get into trouble with law authorities.

The best idea is to book tickets online through reliable sites or buy them from recognized and lega outlets.

Cricket World Cup 2015 Ticket Price And Availability

To make the Cricket World Cup 2015 ticket affordable for people, the tickets prices of the upcoming World Cup in 2015 have been kept in a range which is possible for people to afford. The seats are divided into three categories which are as follows:

  • Category 1 – These are the costliest limited seats beside the pavilion. The price for booking online in this category is in US Dollars and ranges from US $ 3,450 to US $ 4,000.

  • Category 2 – These are the regular numbered seats available for booking. The price ranges from US $ 2,490 to US $ 2,900.

  • Category 3 – These seats are the common seats which entitles holder of the ticket to enter inside the stadium and sit as per the availability of the seat. The price of these seats ranges from US $ 1,890 to US $ 2,000.

For the time being, the Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets booking are available in US Dollars only. With the passage of time and availability of the Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets, pricing can be made flexible and tickets made available in various currencies as well.


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