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According to ICC regulations, 10 Test playing nations will automatically enter the format for the competition. Other four teams, who will take part in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, would qualify out of associate or affiliate member nations. Right after the conclusion of 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup tournament, ICC decided to hold the subsequent World Cup2015 amongst ten Test playing nations, allowing only the ten full members of ICC to participate. However, this move was heavily criticized by several associate nations, particularly from the Ireland cricket team, who had shown their better skills and shown wonderful performance in 2007 and 2011 edition of tournaments.  During voting held in May 2011 on the issue, the vote of ICC Cricket Committee went to retain the format and supported a process for qualification for selection of 4 teams. Again in the annual conference of ICC held in Hong Kong in the month of June 2011, it was endorsed that fourteen teams will take part in the 2015 World Cup, opening up four places to qualify.

The ICC decided on a new qualifying format in the ICC meeting for Chief Executives' Committee held in the month of September 2011. For the World Cup that is going to be organized in the year 2015, the apex 2 teams of the 2011–13 ICC Intercontinental Cup One Day will qualify. The remaining two places will be decided out of the left over six teams joining the teams placed on third and fourth-places in 2011 ICC World Cricket League Division Two and the top two teams of 2013 ICC World Cricket League Division Three in a ten-team World Cup Qualifier .

While, on a home and away basis, the ICC has decided to hold the 2013 World Cup Qualifier in Scotland, the ICC Intercontinental Cup One-Day will be held.  In yet another promising decision, the ICC again named the ICC Intercontinental Cup One-Day as the ICC World Cricket League ODI Championship.

 The tournament will consist of the following 14 teams:

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • England                 
  • India
  • New Zealand      
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa      
  • Sri Lanka
  • West Indies         
  • Zimbabwe
  • Two teams from 2011–13 ICC Intercontinental Cup One-Day
  • Two teams from 2014 Cricket World Cup Qualifier


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