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Cricket World Cup 2015

Individuals of every age, background, gender and ability are captivated and inspired by cricket. It being a truly worldwide sport that needs a ‘unified team’ commitment, it supports a country to succeed. 
 14 cricket playing nations, representing over 1/5th of the world’s population, together showcase the Cricket World Cup, which is the focus event of the global cricket calendar. The International Cricket Council Cricket World Cup (CWC15), which is organized every four years, will be played in the year 2015 across Australia and New Zealand.

This crucial event provides a perfect opportunity to be a part of a single team delivering a global standard sporting event in a spectacular way. To engage with and reach communities across New Zealand and Australia, the CWC15 Local Organizing Committee will look to innovate, challenge and push boundaries in performance of the event. The 2015 Cricket World Cup will emerge as an event that has immense fan following. The event will assist and boost New Zealand and Australia as global standard destinations for more business, unique vacations and added pleasure.  It will most importantly showcase cultures and people of these countries to the rest of the world. Hosting an event of such a magnitude truly throws an only one of its kind opportunity to work and be part of the unified team that create a team environment where everyone works towards a unified goal and shape the culture of the organization.

Cricket is a wonderful sport that is played in Great Spirit. To bring a truly global spectator area sporting event, be part of the ‘one team’.


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